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Is This a Santa Year End Rally or…

The last trading week of the year is always fascinating when you consider what’s going on behind the scenes.

Who could have imagined that the DJIA would be up over 25.26% this year?  (And since Trump was elected, over 34.8%)

The Lame Stream Media keeps pounding the table about how everything’s gonna crash soon…and you need to sell everything before it’s too late.

Let me remind you that we’re in The Most Hated Bull Market in History.  And, contrary to what the presstitutes want you to believe, the majority of the population is NOT in this market.

So, if you believe their gloom and doom, do you sell into this year-end rally or wait for the “January Effect” to kick in?

The “January Effect” can trip you up in many ways.  (The “Club” does it on purpose).

Most big players don’t sell their stocks in December.   They want to avoid additional tax consequences.  (Besides, they do most of their tax selling in October and November).  Instead they’ll wait until January to take gains which delays paying taxes for another year.

The effect they want you, the average investor, to see is that January is a disaster.  And it sets the tone for the whole year.

It’s a well-conceived trap.

Don’t fall for it.

They’ll take the initial hit while suckering the public into a selling panic. (After all, they’ve convinced you the markets are ready to crash). When the increased volume drives the markets lower, they’ll patiently wait to buy back their stocks at a discount.

And it’s usually before the end of January.

To avoid these costly mistakes, you must LISTEN to what the markets are telling you.

Learn more about the “January Effect” and how to profit from it (HERE).

You’ll thank us later.


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