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Is “Social Distance” LiberalSpeak for Quarantine?


It’s totally mind-boggling to me how, within a few short weeks, everyone has become so paranoid about getting close to each other out of the media-induced fear over the Kung Flu CoronaVirus.

On a recent visit to Costco I felt like I was trapped in some weird Orwellian movie.

Obviously, they were busy and – in a very organized manner – they had everyone standing in line against the outside of the building waiting to get inside to shop.

To my surprise they also had multiple signs against the wall that read “Social Distance 6 feet” with goofy stick figures of people standing away from each other.


As some people casually moved away from the wall, a bulky woman – who appeared to be in charge of “social distance” security – barked at us in a loud military style voice EVERYONE UP AGAINST THE WALL AND KEEP YOUR DISTANCE.”

The sheeple, of course, started to comply with the sergeant’s order, separating from other customers and clinging to the wall.

I decided to lighten things up a bit and put my palms against the wall and legs spread-eagled as if I was being frisked by the cops.

The bulky female sergeant didn’t see the humor.

But it got me thinking about this whole “Social Distance” weirdness which I find very disturbing.

We are becoming programmed into thinking that being Quarantined is natural and normal.

It’s NOT.

Someone out there wants you to assume that anyone and everyone you see has the Kung Flu.  And if you don’t comply you could be held responsible for the deaths of thousands of other innocent citizens.

Because of this sinister pre-conditioning, the sheeple are responding in fear.  “baaaaa!  baaaaa!…we don’t want to kill graaaannnndma or mom and dad by infecting them.”

It’s beyond pathetic…it’s scary AND very dangerous.

What’s worse is how quickly the vast majority has adopted this fear mind-set.

What happens next, Mandatory Vaccines?

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