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Gov’t Never Reforms…Until They’re Forced To


Don’t you find it odd how quickly Governments take action when everything is blowing up around them?

They NEVER admit they’re wrong about anything nor take steps to prevent devastating events from happening (like what’s going on now) until it’s too late.

Instead, they’ll say: “Who Could’ve Foreseen This Happening?”

You’re now witnessing – in real time – desperate measures to counter economic calamity that will ultimately fail.

You’re also seeing how politicians use these opportunities to stuff their own pockets by stuffing relief bills with things like abortion funding or some other special interest group.


Because that helps their re-election campaigns.

It’s beyond sleazy…it’s shameful.

What’s worse is they pawn it off as if the government is coming to the rescue.

The reality is they’re using our money – tax dollars – to save us from their nefarious plan to destroy the economy.

It’s their last pathetic effort to discredit Trump and to take back the White House in November.

By the way, has anyone seen or heard from Creepy Joe “I’m not senile” Biden lately…or Bernie “I’m a Democratic Socialist” Sanders?

I don’t hear them offering any solutions…and they represent the cream of the crap from the Democrats.

For the time being I’ll stick with my suggestion that Trump should declare a moratorium on mortgages for a minimum of 6 – 9 months.

This would put people at ease instead of panicking over whether they can make the next mortgage payment.

The mortgage companies won’t lose because they’ll simply add the payments onto the end of the mortgage.

Sad to say that the idea of just giving money to people will fail miserably in that they’ll either hoard it or waste it.

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