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Is Sadie Berkowitz Buying ‘Tech Stocks?’


A few years ago, we featured an article in our newsletter “How Two Octogenarians Called the Market Top and Bottom.”

In both cases we showed how the thought process and irrational actions of “Sadie” and “Hank” illustrated the “Top AND Bottom” of the market in 2000.

Here’s the reader’s digest version.

89-year-old Sadie was a victim of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and believed she should be buying “Tech Stocks” at their peak.

85-year-old “Hank” was a crusty old marine – who feared nothing – who suddenly decided he wanted to sell everything out of fear of losing…at the low point.

Neither one had any business acting on what their emotions were telling them.

Fortunately, we were able to talk both of them out of doing what their emotions were telling them to do.

The point is, when people like “Sadie” and “Hank” start thinking/doing things that they should never do, it’s a sign the markets are at a top or bottom.

It’s always been that way.


Two reasons:

  • Human nature never changes
  • The 1% need the 99% to be wrong in order for them to make fortunes at your expense


Based on the phenomenal run up in the NASDAQ recently – up over 54% since March 23rd – you should be aware that, like all indexes, the NASDAQ is heavily weighted in a handful of stocks.

Translation:  Stocks like Google, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, etc. carry more weight/influence in how the index rises or falls.

This brings up the question:  “Is Sadie Berkowitz wanting to buy ‘Tech Stocks’ again?”

The answer to that question – and many others like it – can be found in our monthly “…In Plain English” newsletter.


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