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How Wearing Masks Helps Amazon…Not You


Walmart’s recent announcement – jumping on the “Just Wear the Mask” bandwagon – has Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos giggling with delight.

Walmart announced that everyone must wear a mask to enter one of their stores.

Instead of Just Wear the Mask, they should’ve said “Just Wear Some Pants.”

If you’ve been to a Walmart, then you understand what I mean.

On the surface it all seems very politically correct.

However, Walmart may have shot themselves in the foot by caving in to the CoronaHoax fear-mongers.

Cue up the growing majority of frustrated Americans who are sick and tired of being pushed around by the Marxist billionaire boyz Club with their New Green World Order agenda.

Not only are most Americans fed up with the lies being shoved down our collective throats 24/7 – allowing these cretins to get away with something that has never been done before in 6,000 years of recorded history – they’re starting to push back.

That’s right.

Americans are starting to fight back with their wallets.

Cue up the biggest benefactor, Amazon.

Many Americans are now saying, “screw it, I’ll just start buying online and have Amazon deliver it.”

(You can almost hear Dr. Evil Jeff Bezos cackling in the background “mmmwwwuuuhhaaa, mmmwwwaaaahhhaaa mmmmwwwwuuuhhhaaaa.”)

Cold this be the beginning of non-politically correct groundswell?

You Betcha.

Normal thinking people are realizing that wearing a mask – in the dead heat of summer – isn’t healthy.  In fact, breathing in your own carbon dioxide is actually harmful (Read about it HERE).

Meanwhile, Dr Evil Jeff Bezos is laughing all the way to the bank.  And he’s kicked things up a notch with his recent purchase of ZOOX—a self-driving car startup—for $1.2 billion.

This could be the Oh, s**t moment for Walmart AND Tesla.

More self-driving cars/trucks means more products and packages delivered, meaning less people shopping at stores and never having to worry about “Just Wear the Mask.”

Amazon’s move also creates enormous opportunities for companies specializing in the Computer Vision Technology sector.

They’ll be providing the software/technology that Amazon and Tesla need to move forward in this game-changing foundational technology shift.

We highlight several of these companies in our “Short and Sweet Tips” column of our July newsletter.  (HERE)

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