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Is “Off-Gassing” the New Normal?


Up until recently, the term “Off-Gassing” was a way to make fun of a friend who was unrepentant about passing gas among friends and family members.

Be honest here, we all know someone like that and we’ve all laughed at their expense at one time or another.

Like them or not, fart jokes somehow appeal to our base sense of humor.

However, in today’s world, the term “Off Gassing” has morphed into what could be the death blow for the “Just Wear the Mask” morons vigilant cry for the world to bow to their fears.

When this whole mask mess started, I said to my wife: “Mark my words, within a year someone will come out with a study explaining how wearing masks is harmful to your health.  Then people will start suing the employers who forced them to wear masks. The employers will, in turn, start suing the government and that’s when things get really ugly.”

Consider this…When you wear a synthetic mask, you’re filtering air through synthetic materials that “outgases” the petrochemically derived materials in the masks.

The masked individual is then breathing in those toxic chemicals that are now aerosolized…put in the air.

Ironically (or NOT) brand new products just taken out of a box are notorious for outgassing various chemical toxins.

Many of the highest rated masks even off-gas noxious VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

In the case of a new mask, which is placed right over the mouth and nose, these vaporized chemicals go right into both airways…nose and mouth.

Unfortunately, the line in the sand is being drawn over wearing masks, not just by the politicians – who benefit from you surrendering your rights – but between friends and family members alike.

Many (potentially harmful) facts about wearing masks are being hidden from you.

It pays to educate yourself – and learn how to not be victimized by it – by reading our Tin-Foil Times column in our July newsletter.

After all, we’re “Not Just About Finance.”


The mask speaks

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