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Is Kenosha Today’s Shot Heard Around the World?


As Kenosha, Wisconsin burned while CNN labeled it “Mostly Peaceful” riots, 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse – whom left-wing politicians have tried to tar as a “white supremacist” (based on zero evidence) – has been arrested in Illinois and charged with fleeing justice and first-degree murder.

It makes you wonder if the rioters had shot Rittenhouse would it have even been newsworthy?


We’ve all known that at some point there would be a reckoning for BLM and Antifa.

However, is this that moment where normal people finally said, “Enough. There will be consequences?”

We’re now witnessing the fruits of a nefarious agenda from TPTB.

The victims aren’t black or white.

We’re all victims of a vicious program to divide and conquer the U.S. via a culture war designed to dehumanize each other.

Welcome to America’s Civil War 2.0.

The events in Kenosha are a glaring example of how we now fight among ourselves – over Marxist ideologies – while the people who manipulated events to this point walk away laughing at the destruction.

They want the violence. They love it. They relish it. It brings them power and prestige.

They’ve also set us against each other: paid looters and rioters to become cannon fodder in their war against common decency, culture, communities and family.

We hate to remind you…check that!

We’ve said it before how in 2020, The Year of Chaos, we’ll see events occur that previously would’ve been unimaginable.

This begs the question, what will 2021 bring us?

We’ll address this in our September newsletter.

In the meantime, the thugs you see on the streets – hiding under what the media calls ‘peaceful protests’ – beating people to within inches of their lives for the crime of being white and defending their property are void of humanity.

Is Kenosha “The Shot Heard Around the World?”

Be sure to read the September issue of “…In Plain English” where we show you how to avoid making critical mistakes in the wake of increased violence in America.









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