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Is CNN Siding With North Korea?

Media hysteria over the threat of nuclear war is, once again, in your face 24/7.

Everywhere you look (Especially CNN) you see fear mongering over the US and North Korea.  And the sheeple love it.

What I can’t get over is why CNN is constantly bashing Trump.  In doing so they’re sending a false message to Kim that he is the hero and Trump is the villain.

It’s the irresponsible actions of our Fake Stream Media that instigates war…and it’s nothing new. (See my May 5th blog post “Fake News is Nothing New” (HERE).

Instead of getting caught up in the drama, here’s a question you should be asking: “Has any TV network posted actual footage of Kim Jong-Un making these alleged threats?”

When you find it, please share it with me.

Consider these two points.  (1) IF North Korea launches missiles to Guam, or anywhere else, the chances of them being shot down is nearly 100%.  This would be a devastating embarrassment to Kim.  He would appear vulnerable and suffer a loss of all credibility around the world.  (Or, as the Asians say, he would “lose face”).   (2)  Trump won’t nuke North Korea because it’s too close to Russia and China.  The fallout would be devastating to them as well.

However, Russia and China are hoping Kim is stupid enough to launch the missiles.


It will enable them to see how effective our US/Asian missile defense system is.  It’s called THAAD or Thermal High Altitude Area Defense system.

My point is you need to see through all the media distractions.  These presstitutes are totally corrupt and report only what their overlords tell them to say.

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