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Amazon Takes Over the World…NOT!

Last week I had an old friend ask me what I thought about Amazon taking over the retail market and destroying businesses.

I asked her, “Do you buy from Amazon?”

She said, “Oh, no way.  I get nervous buying online.”

Me: “Well, unless you’re the only one on the planet that feels that way, I think Amazon has a long way to go.”

I went on to explain to her that she (like most people) is being victimized by the media frenzy surrounding Amazon.

Yes, they have a fantastic business model.  Yes, they are extremely successful.  But, do they control retail?


When you cut through all the Fake Stream Media crap about Amazon’s role in retail, the numbers tell a different story.

Here’s a reality check:

Retail sales are around $5.5 Trillion.  Online sales account for about 8.5% of retail.  Amazon sales are slightly over $80 Billion or 1.5% of all retail sales.



I truly hate how todays presstitutes distort the truth.

Did you know that Jeff Bezos (the founder and chairman of Amazon) owns the Washington Post?

Try to find some negative articles about Amazon from the Post (or any other mainstream rag).

Or, better yet, how often do you read about how Healthcare spending is chipping away far more of your discretionary spending than Amazon?

Do the math.

Healthcare spending is $3.3 Trillion.  That’s equal to 60% of all retail sales.

In plain English that means we have a severe problem because retail sales are the backbone of the US economy.  And when they drop, it affects the global economy.

So, instead of worrying about how Amazon is affecting retail, we should be screaming at Congress about how healthcare is destroying it and the economy.

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