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Interest Rates Hold, Now What?


Unlike most of the FED watchers out there, we are not the least bit surprised the FED put interest rates on hold.


In fact, early this year (when everyone chimed in how the Fed was going to drastically cut rates in 2024) we said it won’t happen and that they might even raise rates.


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As a result, the numerous others (COUGH! Goldman Sachs, Cough! Cough!) were expecting are now off the table.


Ironically (or NOT) four FED voting members do not believe the central bank should raise rates at all this year.


We couldn’t agree more.


Because this small group of liars (the Federal Reserve Banks) still won’t include food and energy – two of the primary drivers of inflation when – creating their summaries and dot plots.


And they certainly won’t ever include taxation in those figures.




They will say that the rate cuts will come next year because they would never cut rates in the face of war…which is completely inflationary and produces nothing.


And here’s what most people don’t see about the FED using interest rates.

Raising interest rates can have no impact on demand.




Because the government will simply borrow more, and the central banks can’t do anything to stop them.

Even Fed Chair Powell has repeatedly said that government spending is completely unsustainable …and the Biden Administration is borrowing against future generations.


Interest Rates Will…


Sadly, there is not much that the Federal Reserve can do at this point in time besides hope and pray for a miracle before that $10 trillion in debt is due to mature this year.


That’s also why the Neocons are pushing for war so we can default on our Sovereign debt.


READ:  Default on Debt and Blame Putin  June 11, 2024 (HERE).


In the meantime, Banksters like Goldman Sachs want you to follow their preaching about how interest rates will decline so they can profit off your losses.




It’s the oldest game in the book.

Because the majority must be wrong in order for the Banksters to make fortunes at YOUR expense.


Lean more about how it works in the June edition of “…In Plain English” (HERE).


And share this with a friend…especially if they are still believing that interest rates are going down this year.  They’ll thank YOU later.


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We’re Not Just About Finance

But we us finance to give you hope.





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