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If You’re Offended by This…Just Wait.

The other day I wrote an email about how certain banks (COUGH! JPMorgan, COUGH!) have been manipulating the silver markets for many years.

Mitch, a loyal premium newsletter subscriber, had this to say about it.  “Mr Vincent -I have a feeling you may have upset some potential readers…”

All I can say is, “Thanks, Mitch.  That’s like music to my ears.”

Besides, I would much rather upset someone than bore them to tears.

You see, the point is we know the game is rigged.  And it’s only gotten worse in the last decade.

And with the help of a bought and paid for media, the “Club” has done an excellent job of dumbing down the masses.

Most people are clueless as to what goes on behind the scene.  As a result, they’re constantly getting screwed by the banksters, and they end up making the same mistakes over and over again.

It makes me want to scream when I see outright fraud and thievery taking place.  But what’s worse is when it’s “IN YOUR FACE” obvious and no one seems to care.

So, if you like our daily rants about the criminal activities (taking place every day on Wall Street) then you’ll love reading our newsletter Simplifying Wall Street in Plain English.  (HERE)

You need to think of our daily emails as appetizers.

Our monthly newsletter is a feast of information where we take the gloves off and give you insight into the darker side of the investment world.

It ain’t always pretty, but it’s the truth.

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”  ~John 8:32~

What are you waiting for?

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