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Goldman CEO Jumps Before Hitting Iceberg

And the hits just keep on coming.

Last week, Gary Cohn (Trumps top economic advisor and former Goldmanite) mysteriously resigned from his position.  Within 24 hours, Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman’s CEO for the last 13 years, announced his retirement by the end of 2018.

What’s up with that?

This doesn’t just stink, it ROYALLY stinks.

It’s a well-known fact that The Vampire Squid (Goldman Sachs) has its tentacles in every major economic and political capacity you can imagine.  And they abuse their influence to destroy anyone/anything that gets in their path.

(Just ask Lehman Brothers.  Lehman didn’t go bankrupt in 2008…they were assassinated by the “Squid” over a dispute dating back to 1998).

The thought of Blankfein announcing his retirement this year begs the question:  “WHY?”

This is the same guy who announced, during the meltdown of 2008, that he was “doing God’s work.”

Does God no longer need Lloyd’s help?

Why after a 36-year career at Goldman Sachs, has Blankfein suddenly announced he’s bailing out?  Does he anticipate something happening in the next year or two and wants to get out before the proverbial sh*t hits the fan?

Goldman’s history of mercenary assaults on its competitors (especially under Blankfein) has put it in the crosshairs of every other investment bank in the world.

Remember, Wall Street has a long and vindictive memory.

Is it possible that “what goes around comes around” is making Lloyd look like a raw bloody steak surrounded by a pack of hungry wolves?

There are no friends among thieves…and the “Squid” appears to be next to feel the wrath of the “Club.”

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