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Experience vs Theory


The phrase “A Man With an Experience is Never At the Mercy of a Man With a Theory” is more relevant today than ever.

The classic example of this how all the wannabe stock gurus millennials are jumping in on the recent gains in the stock market.

Companies like “Robinhood” allow investors to buy stocks even if they only have $50 to invest.

In theory it’s a great concept.

Hopefully many people will profit from it.

However, fear and greed have a way of cutting you off at the knees without you ever see it coming.

This is where experience trumps theory.

You see, the boyz in the “Club” use companies like Robinhood to draw in the naïve investors who’re convinced they can make a fortune investing in the stock market.

The remarkable bounce off the market lows in March has added fuel to disciples of Robinhood, rewarding some with exponential gains.

Some – self-proclaimed gurus – have gone viral with their quick fortunes.  Their daily posts, blogs, and videos enable them to extol their virtues of stock picking as being easy.

They even use the old “throwing darts” technique to illustrate their point.

Ironically (or NOT) those of us with experience know how this game ends.

Reality has already reared its ugly head for many of the Robinhoodites in the form of ILLIQUIDITY.

Translation:  Unable to sell or buy.

When markets move fast – the big boyz cranking up their algorithms – it freezes out/disables companies like Robinhood and forcing them to “Go Dark.”

Translation:  It’s a wake-up call for Robinhood’s Merry Men who stand by helplessly watching their stocks tank.

It’s happened numerous times already.  And you can rest assured it will happen again when the boyz decide it’s time to take the markets back down to possibly test the lows from March.

The point here is simple.

Would you rather bank on experience or theory?

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