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How Much is ONE Idea Worth?

History clearly shows you that one idea can be worth Trillions.

Example:  Apple’s first computer originated in 1977.  41 years later, Apple’s stock is worth over 1 Trillion.  (That doesn’t include all of the other companies, products, spinoffs, etc. from Apple).

Or how about Edison’s invention of the light bulb?

How many untold fortunes, technology advancements and improved lifestyles came from a small filament surrounded by a glass dome?

These are only two examples but, I think you get my point.

So, let me use this topic of ideas as another shameless plug for our monthly newsletter “…In Plain English.”

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In our January 2018 issue we called Carvana (CVNA) a “no brainer” when it was trading at $18.75.

Let’s do the math.

If you bought 100 shares, your $1,875.00 would now be worth over $6,200.00.


Therefore, your profit of $4,325.00 came from an idea you got from our newsletter that cost you the equivalent of two lattes per month (approximately $8.75…based on an annual subscription).

But here’s a hidden bonus that’s often overlooked.

We believe the knowledge provided every month keeps you from losing a fortune.

How much is that worth to you? 

A couple of lattes?

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