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Debt Trap Diplomacy

China is now the king of “Debt Trap Diplomacy.”

“In Plain English” that means they’re using their financial strength to give them access to resources of nations who are drowning in debt.

Africa is the most obvious continent (with massive natural resources) that fits perfectly into China’s development plans.  They’ve been a major focus for China.

However, one nation who desperately needs economic development, is quietly flying under the radar.  And China’s doing something about it.

Sri-Lanka is overwhelmed with debt that they can’t pay.

They also have a major seaport needing improvement.  Whoever controls this seaport has access to the entire Indian Ocean Region.

Let that sink in for a moment.

China is now financing Sri-Lanka’s debt with their war chest of US Treasury Bonds.

This is a key element for China in the European trade zone.  It’s also part of the ongoing Multi-TRILLION build out of the new maritime “Silk Road,” aka: The Belt Road Initiative (BRI).  We first wrote about it (HERE).

This “Debt Trap Diplomacy” is why China will take over as the new world reserve currency within the next decade.

Unlike the US tactics of “bombing a nation into submission” (Cough! Iraq Cough!) under the guise of bringing them democracy, China is using billions/trillions of dollars to develop these key nations.

So, think about this for a moment.

Who would you rather have:

  • A nation bringing in their war machine (killing innocent people along the way) to give you democracy? Or…

  • A nation bringing in tons of money, developing your cities, infrastructure, ports, etc. and in return getting access to your natural resources?

Big Difference…HUGE!

The world reserve currency shift to China is already baked into the cake.

Instead of worrying about it, learn how to profit from it.

You’ll thank us later.

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They’ll thank YOU later.

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