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How Markets Can be Humiliating

If you’ve invested in the markets for any length of time, you’ve been humiliated by them.

Notice I didn’t say you’ve been “humbled” by them.

You see, life has a way of humiliating us.  Being humble is voluntary.

Being humble is also a choice.

And some of the best hedge fund managers in the world understand this because they too have been humiliated.  That’s why they always have a Plan B and Plan C.

They pay careful attention to the fact that they’re constantly wrong about their choices.

Sounds strange, doesn’t it?

Actually, it’s a method that keeps you sharp and on point when you make investment choices.

The problem most of us face is when you think you’ve got it all figured out, the market whacks you upside the head with the proverbial 2X4.

When that happens, you have a few choices:

  1. Choose to humble yourself and adjust your thinking process
  2. Stay committed and go down with the ship
  3. Blame everything on circumstances out of your control

Unfortunately, most people choose #2 and #3 and wonder why they always lose.

If any of the above describes you, don’t be discouraged.  Everyone (myself included) gets beaten up when the markets are running amuck.

And speaking of running amuck, just wait until the surprises of month of March come storming outta nowhere.

“Beware the Ides of March”

~Bill Shakespeare~

For a preview, see out February newsletter “…In Plain English”

You’ll thank us later.

And be sure to share this with a friend/family member who’s been beaten up by the markets.

They’ll thank YOU later.

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