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Has JP Morgan Lied Again?

Way back when (October 2017) we reported how JPMorgan slammed crypto currencies by telling their own clients how they’d block their accounts if they used credit cards to purchase cryptocurrencies (HERE).

Well, it seems that the JPMorgue CEO (and presidential wannabe) Jamie Dimon, has had a change of heart about cryptocurrencies.

Shadowed by the farce of the recent Supreme Court hearings, the Morgue announced how they “Just launched the largest ever real-world blockchain application.”

It’s being developed to facilitate corporate cross-border payments.


Does that mean they will now punish themselves for using blockchain (cryptocurrencies) technologies like they threatened their retail customers last year?

Or, have they finally realized that Blockchain technology is much cheaper to run than a centralized, company-specific system.

Can you say, “New technology meets low-profit business line = classic disruption story?”

It’s quite obvious that the Morgue didn’t just wake up last week and say. “Hey!  Let’s do a full tilt boogie down the blockchain highway!”


They’ve been testing and validating the merits of blockchain for over one year.

Do the math.

While they threatened retail customers against using crypto’s or blockchain, they were simultaneously researching how they could use it to improve their bottom line.

It’s another glaring example of what we refer to as bankster Sanctimonious Hypocrisy.

What’s really creepy about this is how they plan on using this same technology to freeze your accounts when the brown stuff starts hitting the fan.

Learn how to avoid the oncoming slaughter of the sheeple.


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