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Governors Wake-Up Call = Catch-22


In their feckless attempt to appease Bill Gates, the WHO (not the rock band), and the CDC, most of our nation’s governors put their states on lockdown.

Acting out of hysteria they committed economic suicide while simultaneously destroying the livelihood of millions of their constituents.

These morons shut down their local economies without comprehending what they were doing to their local tax base…all because of a virus that’s ONE TENTH as harmful as the regular seasonal flu.

The blowback from their stupidity will be (and should be) shocking.

Unfortunately – and as if on cue – they’ll try to blame Trump for their dilemmas.

Did they ever stop to think that, without revenue, they can’t pay their pensions?

So, to compensate, they’ll default to their stupid standard of raising taxes.

This won’t end well.


It will be met with revolt from people who lost their jobs, healthcare insurance, cars, homes, etc. because everyone suddenly thought we’re all gonna die.

It’s almost as if no one had the guts to think for themselves and they all…

Check that!

There’s no almost as if.

They all operated in unison – as if on cue – and out of fear that everyone on the planet is infected with the Kung Flu.

The end result – in addition to the unprecedented global economic destruction – was them taking away our Constitutional rights…starting with the 1st Amendment.

Ironically (or NOT) the governors in America now face their Catch-22 moment.

By jumping on the fear bandwagon, they’ve enabled the sheeple to cower in submission causing them to worry even more about going back to work, or even taking their masks off.

On the flip side, any delay in reopening their states for business will turn their “Godzilla in the Room” into economic damage beyond repair.

Let me repeat something from a few days ago:  More People Will Die from the Lockdown’s Ripple Effect Than Those Who Actually Die From the Flu.

Before 2020, The Year of Chaos is up, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

In the meantime, we should all pray that the governors involved (and any other politician who’s only looking out for their best interest) come to their senses and serve the people they allegedly represent.

Sadly, this entire farce been great cover for the banksters as they continue their destruction of the global banking system.

Be sure to read how they’re doing it and what you can do to protect yourself from it in our April newsletter:


Your economic future may depend on it.







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