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Gold Beat Down Means Buy More


If you haven’t noticed by now, the price of gold was flirting with $2,100 on August 6th.

However, in the last few day it has dropped over $150.

There are numerous reasons but we’re only going to cover a few in this column.


  • The price of gold is a direct reflection of the loss of confidence in government. (that’s pretty obvious lately)
  • Central Bank Reserves are converting from bonds to gold (more proof that even the banksters are losing confidence in government).
  • Digital currencies are evolving toward gold backing.
  • Staggering monetary growth has ruined money.
  • The mining sector has experienced many shutdowns.


Cue up Crony Capitalists Coercion with Central Banks (Cough! Warren Buffet, Hairball Cough!).

We’re not really picking on Buffett here.

Check that…yes, we are.

Uncle Warren and Mr. Magoo know how the central banks have been manipulating gold for many years through the futures market.

They also know that time is running out on their price control scam.

Why else would they invest over $563 Million in one gold stock (Barrick Gold-symbol GOLD)?

The $563 Million is a mere warm up act for the Berkshire crony capitalists.

They want more…but they want to buy it cheaper.

Henceforth, a concentrated effort from the central banksters, the CFTC (Commodities Futures Trading Commission), and political benefactors is in play to push down the price of gold.

Translation:  they want you to think gold is overpriced and you’d be a fool to buy at the current level…and you’d be even more foolish for buying gold and silver mining stocks.

You can almost hear them saying:  “Gold Bad…
Tech Stocks Good.”

This is yet another glaring example how the boyz in the “Club” use their “Look Here, Don’t Look There” tactics while they pick your pockets.

While you hesitate at falling prices, they’ll be buying in the Billions.

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