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"It's Not Just About Finance"

Despite Chaos, We Shall Survive


Despite Neil Ferguson’s original forecast that 3 Million Americans would die from the CoronaFraud – which prompted global lockdowns – and despite Dr. Frauduci’s ongoing narrative of “crying wolf” – prompting mandatory mask rules – and despite Bill Gates using his billions and influence to usher in vaccinations containing RFID tracking chips, AND Despite Joe Biden’s Orwellian re-write of history, the vast majority of Americans – who actually think for themselves – are starting to push back against the nefarious, negative, narrative these cretins try to shove down your collective throats 24/7.

Understandably so.

Americans – non-sheeple Americans – are sick of the Burn Loot and Murder/Antifa Marxists sharing the spotlight with the CoronaHoax and are starting to realize that despite the constant chaos, we shall survive.

Not only will we survive, we now have an opportunity to bitch-slap these Marxists – and their Green New World Order – back to 1800’s and stop their evil agenda.


Stay with me here.

The Dems have finally put their poster boy for dementia and his “lying, dog-faced pony soldier” as official nominees for President and VP of America.

The recent DNC convention was a joke.

Viewership was remarkably lower than in 2016 – which was also considered a disaster.

Of course, the Whores-Of-Babble -On Presstitutes won’t mention that.

Instead they gushed over Bill Clinton’s speech criticizing Donald Trump over “inappropriate behavior in the Oval Office.”


Or Michelle Obama’s hate-filled speech of Trump putting children in cages.

Ironically (or NOT) the OBAMA administration made AND used to those cages, housing more kids than any other president in history.

Look back at Obama border pic here.

It’s clear that these people have no shame.

They’re desperate.

It’s their last-ditch effort to take over the country.

The old guard – Pelosi and fellow cronies – are too old at this point to continue the fight.

That’s why they want you to believe that if they aren’t in charge then we will starve to death and be reduced to eating bugs.

Ironically (or NOT) that trend is also promoted by the United Nations and their sinister consortium.

The CoronaFraud has been drastically manipulated for political purposes.

However, nobody involved will ever admit that they were wrong.

The continued lockdowns will result in protests and civil unrest.

That’s where have the opportunity to make a difference.

Be sure to read “Economic Panic and Inevitable Revolt from Lockdowns” in the August edition of “…In Plain English.”

It’s Not Just About Finance.

And share this with a non-sheeple friend…they’ll thank YOU later.


You are bidens dog-faced pic




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