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Getting the Banned Back Together

When you have been censored and kicked out of social media (Cough! Yours Truly, Cough!) you learn that it’s not easy to get the BANNED back together.

Maybe it has something to do with people running from Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, etc. like they’re running from the plague.   (LOL! CovidPlague)

Or maybe it has to do with the reality that people are sick and tired of being pushed around by Big Tech.

Or maybe, just maybe we’re seeing people wake up to the reality that our privacy has been totally destroyed.  And most of our rights have been stolen.

So, it’s only natural that trust – or lack thereof – is the main reason people are hesitant in getting the banned back together.

Unfortunately, that’s probably not gonna change anytime soon.  Especially when this plays right into the Globalist handbook.


That’s right.

Social Distancing, masks, fear of trusting your neighbors, family, and especially anyone not wearing a mask (See yesterday’s email HERE) is how these boyz control the possibility of an uprising.

It’s really simple.

Why Getting the Banned Back Together is Important

If people can’t get together then the chances of them socializing and agreeing on issues, politics, and policies are minimized.

When like-minded people are held in check, they lose their power to create, innovate, and make significant changes in the world.

And when that happens you eventually become sheeple.

In other words, without freedom of speech we’ll become Nazi Germany in the 21st Century.

So, in an effort to get the Banned back together, we’ve put together what we call the Freedom of Speech Alternatives.

It’s a short list of some of the most popular social media sites that you may not know exist.  (see below)

The Big Tech boyz will continue to suppress your 1st amendment rights as 2021, When the Great Reset and Food Shortages Hit Home, advances.

If you want to do something about it, then take the first step.

If not, then don’t complain when Big Brother shuts you down.

You can make 2021 an epic year instead of a tragic one by getting the Banned back together HERE.

And you can also learn how to prosper AND thrive in Turbulent Times by going HERE.

It’s Not Just About Finance.


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