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Free Speech is Officially GONE

Now that Big Tech has officially gone bonkers with censorship – Google recently barred the Parler app – it’s safe to say that Free Speech is Officially Gone.

And, unfortunately, censorship is now the norm.

Twatter and Farcebook have now proven they’re not a platform for social media. That was obvious with the permanent banning of Trump.

Ironically (or NOT) they hide behind their “Community Guidelines” to impose tyranny censorship on anyone that doesn’t agree with their agenda.

Sad to say this will only get worse before it gets better.

History proves that under Socialist/Marxism revolutions, the very first thing that goes is free speech.

Next comes the loss of the freedom of movement – “Show Me Your Vaccine Papers, Please!”

Then the final stage is simply total oppression combined with surveillance.

The idea is to turn everyone against each other so they can prevent uprisings.

Do you remember… “see something say something?”

Now That Free Speech is Officially Gone…

The implications here are very serious.

The markets, capital flows, and the very future of all our freedoms, rights, privileges, and immunities are at risk.

And – based on how they stabbed Trump in the back – you shouldn’t expect the Republicans to offer any opposition to this.

Don’t Count on the Courts

From here on out you most likely won’t see Federal Courts EVER rule in favor of the Constitution.


The courts have gotten their example from the Supreme Court’s ruling over the election.

They have flat out shown that the rule of law is finished.

So, they will use – what they call – the siege of the capital to silence any conservative and declare all people who voted for Trump as traitors.


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