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Feelin’ the BERN of $2 Trillion


The $6 Trillion Coronavirus stimulus package – $2 Trillion to struggling Americans and $4 Trillion to the boyz in the “Club” – continued to spur the market upward yesterday.

By midday the DOW was up over 1,315 points and things were looking great.

But then, along came everyone’s favorite Socialist Democrat – Bernie “I’m Not a Communist” Sanders – threatening to delay the voting on the stimulus plan.

The DOW plummeted over 820 points to end the day up only 495 points.

Ironically (or NOT) this was Bernie’s first foray into real leadership since this whole crisis began.

It was almost as pathetic as Creepy Joe “I’m not Senile” Biden’s podcast.

If this is the best leadership in the Democrat party, then Trump’s definitely going to win by a landslide.

Anyway, Bernie’s threat was based on him wanting multiple millions of dollars to be directed to help the transgendered Native Americans who have been harmed by Climate Change.

Or some other stupid cause like that.


This is a time for the criminals politicians in DC to act in unison instead of finding other ways to fund abortions or other special interest groups.

We need to stabilize the economy ASAP.

Personally, I don’t agree with giving out $1,200 to people – especially those who’ve been saying Trump is NOT their president.

Most of the check recipients will likely either hoard the money or blow it.

That won’t stimulate the economy nor will it take the fear of the future out of most people’s minds.

Instead Trump should put a moratorium on all mortgage payments for 6-9 months.

The banks won’t lose on the deal and, more importantly, people won’t get freaked out about not being able to make their mortgage payment.

This will help people start spending more which gets the economy rolling faster.

In the meantime, delays like Bernie’s could cause the markets to take a nose dive into the 17,000 range in the next week or two.

Gasp! 17,000?


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Just because castro



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