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$2 Trillion Coronavirus Stimulus is TARP on Steroids


Former Treasury Secretary Henry “Tanks in the Street, Mr. President” Paulson is salivating.

Poor Hank only got $700 Billion from us taxpayers for his TARP back in 2008.

Ironically (or NOT) guys like Paulson know that today’s monumental bill isn’t $2 Trillion…it’s almost 10 times more than TARP.

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow revealed yesterday that the coronavirus stimulus plan is actually a $6 Trillion package…$2 Trillion to struggling Americans and $4 Trillion to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

Mnuchin – much like Paulson in 2008 – will have discretion to use the $4 Trillion as he [Along With the Federal Reserve] sees fit.

“…In Plain English” they’ll use it to bail out their cronies on Wall Street.

This is another “Hail Mary” to keep the bond market from blowing sky high while everyone is panicking over the stock market.

You can expect that the FED and Mnuchin will continue to protect the trading houses “as they see fit.”


It’s because since September 2019, they’ve pumped in a cumulative $9 Trillion into the REPO Market to keep it from collapsing.

So, once again, the boyz in the “Club” are being bailed out by unaware taxpayers who are more interested in getting their $1,200 check.

Meanwhile, the markets are up nearly 3,000 points since Monday’s nosebleed drop.

All I can say is “Be very careful, here.”

In the next few weeks, we might test the 17,000 or even the 15,000 range on the DOW.



Now that the boyz know they’re being bailed out; they’ll flush the toilet one last time to kill the small investor and set themselves up for a slingshot move to the upside.

How do they get away with it?

It’s simple.

We’re seeing – in real-time – how a nation, crippled by debt and living under the jackboot of corrupt politicians are servicing their Wall Street overlords instead of “we the people.”

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