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Elections Have Become Selections

Elections in the former Constitutional Republic of the USA are entirely rigged…as a result, elections have become selections of who the “Boyz” want in power.

Ironically (or NOT) now that the midterm elections are over it would appear that the “MAGA attacker/Paul Pelosi” story no longer serves any purpose. 

How convenient. 

With Pelosi, the Democrats purposely conjured their own conspiracy theory.

 They claimed that right-wing “extremists are a threat to “democracy” and that the Pelosi attack proves it.

There is no evidence to support this claim.

But there is plenty of evidence to support the theory that Pelosi was familiar with Depape (alleged attacker) and his behavior indicates familiarity.


NBC now reports that police body cam footage has been made available to some media outlets and the footage clearly shows Paul Pelosi opening the door for police in seemingly perfect health.

This contradicts the DOJ report on the attack and suggests a potential cover-up. 

Think about it.

No person – under threat of being beaten with a hammer by a home intruder – is going to move closer to the violent stranger instead of running towards the police.

Translation:  Male hooker refused to leave.

Have Become Selections…

So, what is likely to take place as this case develops?

Let’s take a wild guess that we’ll see a media blackout on the story.

And it will be much like we have witnessed with multiple cases in the past few years that make the political left look bad (the Waukesha massacre by BLM supporter Darrell Brooks comes to mind).

Details will probably emerge which further contradict the official narrative…but they will be buried and ignored.  

As a result, leftists will continue to label any suspicions as “conspiracy” as they hope and pray the general public completely forgets and moves on to other distractions.

And it’s a perfect cover illustrating how elections have become selections.

The idea behind “Democracy is in danger” reeks like the Jussie Smollett set up.

And was intended to get the public to feel sorry for Democrats right before the election.

From a gambling standpoint, what’s the over & under these days on David Depape walking out in front of a bus or dying from a massive overdose?

For your own sanity, if you start from the premise that the official story is a lie, you are ahead of the curve.

And if you still think elections are still legit then we have a bridge we want to sell you.

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