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Dodging Transgender Bullets

On Friday the House of Representatives passed Nancy Pelosi’s “Equality Act” bill.

According to our Congress critters, this bill would protect LGBTQ people from discrimination in housing, the workplace, public accommodations, and other settings.

Exactly what do they mean by “other settings?”

Never mind.

What they fail to tell you is this bill will force homosexual and transgender ideology on every person in America.


That’s right.  It also says a transgender person could not be denied employment or access to women’s restrooms and locker rooms, showers, etc.

It would also make it mandatory for churches, ministries, or businesses to accept transgender people into their pulpits or leadership.

In essence this takes away our freedom of worshiping God according to our conscience.

And here’s the real rub.

It explicitly states that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, passed by Congress in 1993, provides no protections to anyone who refuses to comply with this new bill.

Wait a minute!

Does that sound like a threat to you?

This bill should be called the “Inequality Act” because it’s trying to force nearly 98% of the American population into submission to a lifestyle that’s offensive to most.

The next thing you know, they’ll be offended by us displaying the American flag.

Oh wait!

Here’s another point this group doesn’t want you to consider.  This Act would make it illegal to prevent a man (who wants to identify as a woman) from doing anything he wants to do.

Let that sink in for a moment.

The good news is, most likely the Senate will not approve this bill…for now.

However, the LGBTQ group will continue taking shots at twisting our laws to meet their perverse demands.

Not saying or doing something about this is another way of endorsing it.


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