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Do Dems Want Us to be Like South Africa?

Pardon me while I rant a bit.

Welcome to dysfunctional government.

Americans had better wise up before it is too late.

The Democrat Party thrives on racial hatred, economic misery, and democratic dysfunction.

The party (as a whole) is a cancer on America’s body politic. In the long run, the survival of the Democrats and of democracy itself are not compatible.

The same Democrat Party that spent the last two-and-a-half years hoping against hope that the president could be proven a traitor doesn’t shrink from exploiting, or even manufacturing, racial and class divisions to ensure its own electoral success.

This is like hiring a maid to clean your house but she spends all her time peeking in the windows next door because she thinks they’re up to something.

You hire her to clean your house and find out that she has better things to do but still demands to be paid.

We elect people to run the country.

However, all they seem to do is use that power to trash the opposition.

Yes, Democrats claim to want racial harmony and opportunity and rights for all.  But in reality, the modern Democratic Party cannot survive without constantly stoking racial hostility and reopening old wounds, from slavery and reparations, to police brutality and illegal immigration, to alleged voter “suppression.”

If you want a Democrats’ glimpse into the future, look at South Africa.

Dems see what’s going on in South Africa…and they like it.

Unfortunately, South Africans are slowly coming to realize that the political elite that governs them is more parasitical than patriotic.

Unfortunately, they are too mired in racial animosity to do anything about it.

Read “The Future of the White Man” in our May issue of “…In Plain English.”

You might be shocked and/or offended but take it as a wake-up call.

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