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Attn MEN: No Uterus No Opinion

Once again, the vagina-hat-wearing crowd has their panties are all twisted up (pun intended) over men voicing their opinion against abortion.

The current slogan: “No Uterus No Opinion.”

What’s ironic about this is they’re saying that because a man doesn’t have a uterus then he can’t have an opinion on women’s issues.  But he can compete in women’s sports.


Oh, the irony.

Unfortunately, the girls and women who suffer the most from this hypocrisy, are the ones who’ve dedicated their lives to sports competition.

They’re seeing their life’s goals shattered because some male decides he identifies as a woman.

This poses a conundrum for female athletes.

Why bother training to compete with other women when you’ll most likely lose to a man?

On the flip side, men see this as very liberating.

The guy who would’ve been a bench warmer on most teams now sees himself as a state/national champion in the women’s division.

Man!  Talk about shooting themselves in the foot.

The male hating vagina-hat-wearing crowd don’t realize they’re being used as tools for division.  (Compliments of the boyz in the “Club”).

Even female celebrities have taken the bait which, ironically was started by men.  Their campaigns include encouraging women to withhold sex from men to gain political power.

LMAO!  (And they think this is something new?)

The point is this is yet another division tactic to distract and divide the masses (Rich vs Poor, Black vs White, Female vs Male, etc.)

It’s all part of the hatred purposely being stoked by certain politicians as we move into self-destruct mode.

And it’s intended to keep you from seeing how your liberties are being stolen from right under your noses.

Don’t take the bait!

Instead, learn how to profit from the eventual global economic breakdown that’s rapidly gaining momentum (HERE).

And don’t be afraid to voice your opinion against abortion just because some bullies (male or female) try to intimidate you.

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