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Creating Inequality, Fostering Hatred and Taxes

This might be difficult for some of you to grasp but most politicians – especially liberal ones – use taxes as a means of creating inequality.

Wait! What?

Ironically (or NOT) the entire issue of legalizing gay marriage was because of the tax code.


The idea behind it was that any couple who lives together and contributes to a relationship should be treated the same as a married couple because it is economic equality.

And that applies to gay or common-law type marriages.

Translation:  It’s the hunt for taxes that creates inequality.

This same leftist logic for equality is illustrated in our warped education system in that an A student should be reduced to a C student because it is not fair that an F student should fail.

So, they’re saying that regardless of talent everyone should be treated equally.

However, that didn’t work out so well for Communism.


But…and this is a Very Big Butt…

History proves that it’s always the LEFT – think Communist Revolutions – that end up waging war.

As a result, justifying the slaughter of anyone who disagrees with their agenda.

It’s called fostering hatred.

And it’s high on the list of keeping a brainwashed population fighting amongst each other so they don’t see the truth.






Creating Inequality Via Taxes

While the Boyz in the “Club” won’t admit it, the progressive tax policies of the left violate the Ten Commandments.

And it’s an IN-YOUR-FACE affront to the religious beliefs of many.






And the further we travel down this divisive path, the closer we, as a nation, face a major division between the left and right.

Sad to say separating America may be the only way to save our nation.

In the meantime, we’re stuck with the O’Biden administration that’s been fostering hatred almost as much as the Obama administration.

And, in the process, it’s weakened our image as a military power…unlike the strength and respect we had under Trump.

But, oooh those mean tweets…

Suffice it to say that Turbulent Times are here for the long haul.

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