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December 4, 2022

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Cowfart’s Sexual Threats from Border Patrol

At last, Ms. Cowfart-Cortez has reached Kardashian status.

Staying in the news is their Trademark.

But she won’t be out done.

Now, she boldly claims she was sexually threatened from the border patrol agents.

She accused them of carrying out “psychological warfare” against detained migrants, who were forced to drink toilet water.

Once again, the Whores-of-Babylon media presstitutes publish her headlines but not the full story so they can make Trump look bad.

The “toilet” (they’re referring to) is both a sink with hot and cold water and a toilet.

It’s designed with two different bowls well apart from one another, combined in a single metal structure and made for detention centers with limited space.


Check out her Tweet:

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez




There are 20,000 TOTAL Customs & Border Patrol agents in the US.

9,500 – almost HALF that number – are in a racist & sexually violent secret CBP Facebook group.

They’re threatening violence on members of Congress. How do you think they’re treating caged children+families? …

Charles Ornstein


EXCLUSIVE: Members of a secret Facebook group for current and former Border Patrol agents joked about the deaths of migrants and posted a vulgar illustration depicting @AOC engaged in oral sex with a detained migrant …



Border patrol says she’s lying her Cowfart-*** off.

They say she was the aggressive one, and the water thing is complete BS.

They’re calling for an investigation and claim they have the entire incident on video.

But here’s what’s really funny.

Facebook’s conservative-watching algorithm failed to detect a “secret” CBP Facebook group with 9500 hate-spewing members?

Yeah, right.

Let me remind you, these distraction circuses are designed to keep you from seeing what’s happening behind the curtain on Wall Street.

Learn the truth (HERE).

It’s better than paying attention to someone who will be remembered for crying over an empty parking lot.


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