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“Climate Emergency” = Justification of New Taxes

It was only a matter of time before the Global Warming Kooks came up with another catch-phrase to justify their gouging everyone with new taxes.

(Speaking of justifying…I’m still trying to figure out why Al Gore got a Nobel Peace Prize for screaming in 2006, “The World Will Burn Up Within the Next Ten Years.”)

LOL!  What a goofball.

What is really astonishing is that Al Gore is neither a scientist nor a climatologist.

Yet, Gore is considered the leading expert despite the fact that his climate change agenda was nothing but a fraud and deliberately imposed to increase government power.

Sorry…I digress.

Anyway, the good citizens on the Geulph City Council in Canada recently declared they have a “Climate Emergency.”

Essentially this is a way to justify increased taxation.

They admit they already have an “action plan” to tackle their Climate Emergency and they are going to fund it.

A spokesman for the City Council said: “Because an action plan without funding has no meaning and it has no outcome and it won’t be successful.”

So, what does that mean and how will they fund their “action plan?”

It’s simple…more taxes.

What’s disturbing about this trend is that a small city in Canada actually believes they can change the climate of the world.

They can’t.  But they’re setting a precedent for other cities to use “Climate Emergencies” (hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, etc.) to raise taxes.

This all goes back to the fact that most municipalities (especially in big cities) are bankrupt and desperate.

Here’s the reality…Increasing taxes strips away more of your discretionary income.


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