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Blatant Year-End Sales Pitch Inside

Today is the last day of the year to subscribe to our “…In Plain English” newsletter at a substantial discount…henceforth the title “Year-end sales pitch.”

And here’s a sample of what’s inside the January 2022 edition:


  1. An extensive list of stocks to own that have proven to weather the worst economic storms.
  2. An inside look as to how Wall Street operates behind the curtain, based on our 111+ years of combined experience.
  3. What almost any investor — no matter how experienced or successful you are now — can do in literally the next 5 minutes after reading it to beef up your winning percentages.
  4. How to recognize when the Banksters are about to make a move that can cause stock prices to rise OR fall substantially.
  5. Which industries prosper most during economic calamity.
  6. How to tell when a “Conspiracy Theory” is actually a Conspiracy Fact.
  7. How politicians get away with murder (literally) and inside trading secrets that would put you in jail.
  8. Why the Federal Reserve isn’t the Boogie Man and the root of all financial problems.
  9. Why goldbugs will be disappointed in 2022.
  10. How to avoid the many recipes for disaster being promoted by the multitude of new BITCOIN geniuses and supposed millionaires.
  11. A lot more than we can list in a short email



Year-End Sales Pitch Indeed

Just the facts, ma’am.

The January issue contains some of the most powerful ideas/techniques we’ve ever used and/or published.

So, why all of sudden are we publishing them?

The truth is we include most of our successful ideas in every issue of “…In Plain English” in one form or another.

And the reality is that most investors need to see them over and over again before they actually “get it.”

But, a word of caution.

Those who don’t “get it” will possibly hate the January issue.


Another Blatant Sales Pitch Inside


Most of the info is going to go right over the heads of all the usual investor wannabes – who are no doubt attracted to wanting to buy it.

And at the same time, are not capable of understanding it or ambitious enough to apply it.

So, why am I saying this?

It’s simple.

If you have ANY doubts, do not subscribe.

However, by getting some Skin in the Game BEFORE Midnight Tonight (at a ridiculously low price) you’ll learn how to tilt the scales in your favor.

And you’re definitely gonna need it in 2022.

The choice is yours.

And you know what to do to make it happen (Click HERE).

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