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It’s 20% Off? No Way I’m Buying It.

Have you ever known people who just LOVE buying something on sale?

They’re the kind who line up (or camp out) at their favorite retail store hoping to be the first to take advantage of a 20% off sale.  (Or some over-hyped Holiday Special.)

What’s funny is, these are the same people who (when the stock market is down 20%) say, “There’s no way I’m buying stocks now!”

It’s crazy.

People rush out to buy clothing, electronic gadgets, etc., on sale because they perceive it’s an excellent value.  The reality is, what they buy usually depreciates to zero or eventually gets thrown away.

On the flip side, when the stock market is down 20% you have an opportunity to buy something that is likely to appreciate.

Why do so many people get this concept backwards?

It’s a function of two things:

  • You become conditioned by the media

  • You fall victim to peer pressure

Good advertising convinces people to think, “I must have it now!  This Sale won’t last long.”

Ironically, people get the opposite mindset when investing.

Instead of buying stocks when they’re cheap, the sheeple wait until markets get to all-time highs.  Then, they follow Cousin Eddie’s advice.

The banksters use a tactic called the Fear and Greed factor to confuse you.

It works, but it’s not as important as you might think.

We shred the fear and greed factor in our January newsletter.

Read “The January Effect.”  In it we show you how to AVOID THE PROFESSIONAL SCAMMERS.

But you have to be a Premium Subscriber to get it. (HERE)

In 2018, resolve to not be victim anymore.

You’ll thank us later.

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