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2019, Another Record Year? …Meh!



Despite all the cheers from Wall Street GooRoos about the record year of 2019, it was no big deal.


That’s right…no big deal.

Let me prove it to you.

The NASDAQ got most the attention cheerleading when it crossed the magical 9,000 mark.


Not so fast.

In February 2000, the NASDAQ hit an all-time high of 3,860 during the Dot-Com bubble. Soon after, it crashed to 1,320 (over 65% loss).  It then took over 13 years just to break even.

So, if you put $10,000 into the NASDAQ (about 2.6 shares) during the bubble and held it until today your investment would be worth $23,457.

The math?

Your average rate of return was 6.7%.

Compare this to the S&P return of 6.3% over the same period, and you’ll see they don’t’ even come close to their historic annual returns.  However, the good ole boring DOW returned over 9% during that same period. *

So, yes 2019 was a record year – according to Wall Street’s overly biased GooRoos Bought-and-Paid-For presstitutes – but in the big picture it was no big deal…Meh!

(Note* …by comparison, Apple was trading around $3.42 in early 2000 and is currently $291.50.  That means your $10,000 invested in Apple is now worth a mind-boggling $852,339.)

The point here is Wall Street’s peanut gallery wants you to believe in their averages so you’ll follow the sheeple into the slaughter.

Ironically (or NOT) the vast majority of GooRoo money managers don’t beat the S&P averages…especially when the markets are at all-time highs.

So, whadda ya gonna do?

Do you follow the sheeple into the imminent turbulent times of 2020?

Or do you learn how to see the world through a different set of eyes by taking advantage of an opportunity of your lifetime?

Learn how to Connect the Dots:


Welcome to 2020, The Year of Chaos.


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