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100’s of Ways to Make Money off War

What I’m about to tell you is so simple that you’ll need someone to help you misunderstand it.

Unfortunately, it involves conflicting actions.

Most of us don’t like war.  However, it’s one of the strongest forces that drives markets and economies throughout the globe.  (See “War is a Racket).

And who’s at the top of the war mongering list?

Yep! You guessed it.  The good old USA.

Our annual budget for “defense” (Cough!  building war machines, Cough! Cough!) exceeds that of the top ten countries combined budgets for military expenses.

In other words, no one comes close to spending on wars than we do.

So, the no brainer way to make money is to buy defense stocks (Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, etc.).  These companies are locked in to government contracts that keep them fat and happy as long as they play by the government rules.

However, if they step out of line, they are spanked into submission by the boyz in the “Club” and your “no brainer” profits disappear like a thief in the night.

Such is the way of Wall Street.

At the same time there are numerous (less obvious) companies that support and supply these major government “Godzillas” while flying under the radar.

What makes them interesting is they’re companies that aren’t usually perceived as war mongering stocks.  They’re extremely profitable and are rarely promoted by the talking heads on boob tube.

You could almost say they’re “innocent participants” of the war machine.

In our September issue of “In Plain English” we’ll reveal our top candidates who support the worlds’ major military suppliers.

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