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Zelensky Humiliated by NATO…LOL!

In case you missed it, the high-heeled comedian cross-dressing President of Ukraine was officially and publicly humiliated by NATO this week.

And his humiliation was a result of a temper tantrum he had over not getting admission into NATO.

And that was the result of the growing Western backlash in the face of his obvious frustration and what’s being seen as ingratitude for the steady flow of billions of dollars in arms to Kiev.

To that we simply say:  “It’s about time someone put that little pimp/war monger in his place.”




According to Bloomberg News:

Volodymyr Zelenskiy was running hot ahead of his sit-down with NATO leaders on Tuesday evening. The Ukrainian president had been angered earlier in the day by what he said was an “absurd” reluctance to give his country a clear timeline on membership.

Zelensky Humiliated by Biden


Adding insult to injury and/or gasoline to a burning fire, our resident Brandon called him Vladimir.


Way to go, Joe!

Maybe the West is finally realizing that Zelensky is nothing more than a pimp.

Or, Maybe they West is sick of seeing him constantly dressed up in his camos among the elite dignitary gatherings…only to look like a janitor.




Or Maybe, JUST MAYBE Prez Z didn’t make the height requirements to be in NATO…LOL!




Seriously, he looks like a video game avatar…right out of Mario Brothers.

But any way you look at it the Z clown has, unfortunately, destroyed Ukraine.

And in the process murdered untold tens of thousands of young, viable, Ukrainians for money, power, and 15 minutes of fame.

As a result, Ukraine has been turned into a wasteland for the testing of new (and old) military equipment.

Cue up:  Cluster Bombs that he says won’t be used on citizens.

Question:  If Ukraine is so desperate for weapons, why are those weapons ending up in the hands of belligerent Muslims on the streets of France?

Unfortunately, (or fortunately) there was nothing of real substance at the NATO meeting.

Except maybe O’Biden’s prophetic words to Zelensky:


 “The bad news for you is, we’re not going anywhere. You’re stuck with us.”


That sounds very similar to what the US said to Ghaddafi…and other tyrants.




Bottom line: WW3 gets closer by the day.

And the likelihood of Zelensky having an unfortunate accident increases with his inflated ego of himself.

See how this affects our markets in the July issue of “…In Plain English” (HERE).

Share this with a friend…even if they midget comedians.

They’ll thank YOU later.

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