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“You’re Just A-Nother Sheep in Their Stall”


Time is running out on the elitists who have perpetrated the biggest hoax in history via the Kung-Flu/CoronaVirus/Covid-19 pandemic.

There is an increasing spirit of discontent among people who’ve been forced out of work by the CoronaHoax.

Those having to close their businesses – while government employees are still getting a paycheck – are starting to push back.

You know things are bad when small business owners have become outlaws in the face of shutdown tactics.

Example:  On Mother’s Day, a restaurant in Castle Rock, Colorado opened for business – to the pleasure of many diners – only to be met with force from local police and immediately shut down.

It was labeled a Health Hazard and didn’t comply with “Social Distancing.”

Ironically (or NOT) the capacity crowd of diners praised the C&C Coffee and Kitchen for their defiance of allowing people to eat at a favorite local restaurant again.

This begs the question:  What’s it gonna be like when your favorite restaurant re-opens (assuming it survived the forced lockdown)?

Restaurant industry analysts are saying “approximately 45% of the population will NOT be eager to go out to eat after the restrictions are lifted.

How do they know?

And who are these analysts (Authorities) anyway?

It’s almost as if these elitists want you to believe that things can never be the same again and that a NEW WORLD ORDER has taken over…of which you must comply.

They’re already trying to program you into believing that the next round of the Kung-Flu – returning in the regular September/October flu season – will be worse than it is today?

Again, how do they know?

Personally, I believe the elitists are in for a surprise.

Based on the number of sheeple who’ve willingly surrendered their rights – and are looking to the government to save them – these cretins have reason to believe they’re in control.

They believe (paraphrasing an old Pink Floyd song): “All in all you’re just A-nother sheep in their stall.”

This is the kind of mindset that accelerates the loss of confidence in government.

Their tactics will backfire.

And in 2020, The Year of Chaos, we’ll see a resurrection of the spirit that Made America Great in the first place.

It’s also going to bring about radical swings in the stock market as we get closer to the election.

It’s all part of the greatest wealth transfer in history happening right under out collective noses.

Make sure you’re on the winning side of this transition by becoming a member of our “…In Plain English” club.



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