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Your Brain on Apps…Sizzle…Pop…Sizzle

Do you remember the anti-drug commercials where the guy would say, “This is your brain on drugs” (While dropping two eggs into a searing hot skillet)?

Well, guess what?

Recent neurological studies show how our smart phones are having the same effects on our brains as the drug commercials so effectively displayed.

Put on your tin-foil hats and let me explain this.

Every company and/or individual on the internet encourages you to install their “APP.”


It’s not just so you have quicker access to their site.

It’s mostly to give them more access to you.

When you think about it, it’s a brilliant marketing move.

Under the guise of keeping you “more informed and up to date,” you are giving these companies carte blanche to keep you in a constant state of agitation.

Do the math.

The more apps you have, the more agitation you’re exposed to.

It’s not rocket science.

But it’s the reason why neurologists AND endocrinologists are discovering why smart phones are leading the charge for people experiencing depression, anxiety, and aggravation.

We could easily blame this on Apple, Google, social media and other addictive technology habits we’ve been lured into, and we wouldn’t be wrong.

However, it all comes down to us being accountable for the decisions we make every day (like spending an inordinate amount of time on electronic devices).

Let’s face it…we’re junkies.

And that’s exactly what the tech giants want.

Don’t get me wrong.

The advancement of technology is mind boggling.

Ironically, it’s also created for us a very fine line between liberation and bondage.

So, if you don’t want to end up like the: “This is your brain on apps,” image of eggs sizzling in frying pan, check out our December newsletter.

You’ll be surprised.

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