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You WILL LOSE When You Do This

A few weeks ago, the Redditt Rebels believed they had the hedge fund managers on the ropes.  That’s when the boyz in the “Club” pulled a Muhammad Ali Rope a Dope move against them…and proved how you will lose when you go against them.

For you pleasure…Ali’s Rope a Dope move.


So, let’s look at how those boyz – with their HFT’s and ALGO’s – kill the small investor.

But first, some layman definitions.

HFT= High Frequency Traders.

ALGO=computer algorithms that calculate, transact, and execute trades in Nano-seconds.  (Faster than the blink of an eye)

The boyz use these programs to trade their own accounts

And most of the time they purposefully trade AGAINST YOU.

Why is that important?

You Will Lose

If you try to trade against them, you’ll get smoked…every time.

I realize that many of you never heard of these terms before but thinking that you can beat them – like the naïve Redditt Rebels – will be your downfall.

Think of it like Las Vegas.  The odds are against you.

But, there is a way to work within the confines of these mega-computer programs.

First, you must stop trying to beat the system.  Instead you must adopt a strategy that won’t take you out of your comfort zone.

By that I mean you must place a value (price) on a trade that you like and not worry what the market does.

Second, use Limit Prices on your buy and sell orders.  That way you won’t get frustrated when the price jumps around like a jackrabbit.

Here’s the SECRET:  It takes the emotion out of the trade (which is Easier said than done).

You can find out more about how to take the emotion out of a trade by going (HERE).

And the good news about the Redditt Rebels is that they’ve exposed a major weakness in the uber-corrupt SILVER market.

Ironically (or NOT) February’s “…In Plain English” newsletter is loaded with ideas of how to exploit their weakness.

Go (HERE) now and see for yourself.

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