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Since the Kung flu got traction, we’ve been bombarded with more dis-information than I can ever remember.

And don’t you find it odd that so many, so called, “experts” out there are reaching Idol Worship status by scaring the wits out of the sheeple?

The current Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus – who is NOT a doctor of medicine – is supposedly tops on the idol worship platform.

I have one question for Ted.

What happens to the $500 Million – from the proceeds of your “Pandemic Bonds” – that you screwed bond holders out of? (Read WHO Profits Most from a Pandemic? HERE)

Did you cut a deal with Xi from China to split the pot?

(Sorry, that was two questions)

While the US continues to bail out the world with Multi-Trillion Covid-Stimulus bills – supposedly to help small businesses and the average guy – everyone seems to be turning a blind eye to where all this money is going.

It’s time to play the old Wall Street “Follow the Money” game.

It’s the surest way to see how the global bankster cabal is effectively pulling off the greatest wealth transfer in history.

Ironically (or NOT) while everyone is told to #StayAtHome by the officials (who are these officials anyway?) creating policy for the sheeple to follow, the boyz in the “Club” are screwing you…royally.

And it’s not limited to the stock market.

I’m talking about the radical changes in our lifestyle that we’re being forced to endure by cretins who’re only concerned about power. (Cough! Bill Gates Cough! Cough!)

I’m not trying to be a doom porn kook here but if you think our lives are gonna go back to “Normal” anytime soon then you’ve been blinded by the biggest power grab/wealth transfer in history.

Instead of buying into this sinister agenda – constantly being shoved down your throat 24/7 – you need to learn how to fight back.

And I don’t mean rioting in the streets.

I’m talking about learning how the 1% makes fortunes when the rest of the world is losing.

Learn more about it HERE while you have lots of time on your hands.


Pres of WHO

WHO’s Dr. Ted, Doing His Part to Fight the Kung Flu.



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