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Yelling “FIRE” in a Crowded Theater


Right now, we’re “feeling the Bern” of the Whores-Of-Babble-On Presstitutes yelling “FIRE” in a crowded theater.

The devastating economic impact caused by these UNCHECKED MORONS is resulting in a “Scorched Earth” wasteland.

…And NO ONE’S holding them accountable.

Why isn’t anyone talking about how China has announced that the Japanese drug, Avigan Favipiavir (T705) which is a broad-spectrum inhibitor of viral RNA polymerase, proved to be successful in helping the fight against this “Kung Flu?”

Instead the boyz in the “Club” keep telling the presstitutes to yell “FIRE” in a crowded theater.

Or why isn’t anyone commenting on how flu viruses (including ALL coronaviruses) start to decline in April/May time frame?

Rather than implementing draconian “social distancing” laws, why not isolate those who are vulnerable – older folks and those with chronic illness – and provide a program of aid for them?

This would allow the virus to spread quickly among the healthy and burn itself out creating stronger immune systems.

It would save the economy, (especially medical resources) cost a lot less than what they’re doing and, most importantly, CALM the Panic.


These idiots insist on “putting the pedal to the metal” to quicken the destruction of the world economy.


Why use common sense when you can destroy the world without having to use an invading army?

Over a year ago we wrote about why wars in the future will be won with technology and fear and NOT the old school methods of invading armies.  (See Archives)

What we’re living is proof of an old saying how “Common Sense is Not Very Common.”

Unfortunately, most of the dumbed down sheeple out there are responding exactly how the boyz in the “Club” want them to.



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If corona was a person




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