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WW3…Are We There Yet?

Yesterday we talked about the new catalyst for owning gold (Russia, currencies, sanctions, etc.). And we purposely omitted the most important reason…WW3.


Gold has always been considered a safe haven…especially during times of war.

Unfortunately, no one wants to face the reality of another World War.

But recent events AND the markets are telling us the true story.



Cue Up:   The alleged Islamic Terrorist attack on Russia.



We say “alleged” because terrorist attacks have one thing in common.  They believe in a Holy War.


As a result, if they die, they are granted immediate access to heaven (with plenty of virgins and other assorted rewards).


This was a Ukraine attack…and probably CIA induced.




Do you remember when Nikki “Nimarata” Haley claimed that Palestinians attacked Israel on October 7, was a birthday present for Putin?


This begs the question:  Why suddenly would Islamic terrorists turn on Russia when their obvious target would be the US?


Enquiring minds want to know.


The CIA insisted they passed intelligence reports of a pending attack on Russia.

But why would they do that when they celebrate the death of any and every Russian they find?


Like we said yesterday:


Keep in mind Russia can certainly afford to sell oil at significant discounts to market prices.



Ukraine was targeting Russian oil production.  And the Neocon Boyz told them to stop because it would send oil prices higher and hurt Biden in the election.


Let’s face it…Ukraine is desperate.


And it’s mostly because they lack troops while the moral is rapidly declining among the ones who have survived…so far.


As a result, NATO fully intends to launch WW3 and send in Troops.


Are we there yet?


In a word…Yes.


Because, in retaliation, Putin fired a Russian cruise missile that flew over NATO territory for 39 seconds, triggering a major alert over an escalation of the war in Ukraine.


And Putin can no longer restrain the far right in Russia.


Russian Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said:


We are in a state of war. Yes, it started out as a special military operation, but as soon as…the collective West became a participant in it on the side of Ukraine, it had become a war for us.” 



As usual, the Presstitutes are not telling you how the US has been providing targeting data for Ukraine for them to take down the two Russian ships in the Black Sea.


Because Ukraine could not have done it without western drones and satellite surveillance.


Sadly, the sanctions and request for Regime Change (thanks to Uber-Neocons like Lindsey Graham) has galvanized the Russian citizens.


And at this point it appears that peace is NOT an option.


So, buy some gold while you still can.


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Invest with confidence.
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