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Women Are Smarter Than Men…Here’s Proof

This is sooo simple, you have to have someone help you to misunderstand it.

Finish these two sentences:

  • Diamonds are a girls _____  ______
  • Man’s best friend is a ____


So how is this proof that women are smarter?

Simple.  If you’re broke, which has more trade-in value, diamonds or a dog?

Yeah, I know, it’s kind of a joke but there’s a lot of truth in that story.

And it got me thinking.  If women are smarter than men, why aren’t they more active in investing?

Do they depend on someone else (a man) to take care of it for them?

What happens when, suddenly, a woman is faced with handling a large sum of money with no experience?  Or even worse, she’s left with no money and no experience.

If you guessed “They get taken advantage of” …you’re right.

So, how does a woman (single or married) overcome this dilemma?

You’ll find your answers (HERE).


One of the easiest ways to boost your investment IQ is to learn from others mistakes.

And you can read about it in my Special Report “Do You Make These Mistakes When Investing?”

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You’ll thank us later.

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