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Wokeness Is All About Division

Many people still don’t want to admit that Trump was right about his views on ‘Wokeness’ claiming it is all about division.


But when you see it in action, there’s hardly any denying it’s destructive nature.

Cue up: Bud Light, Target, and more recently CMT for banning the song Try That in a Small Town.

All About Division

Sad to say that in the past, politicians used to be able to work together to solve important issues.

Not anymore.

Instead, they’re hell bent on division.

And ‘Wokeness’ is at the heart of it.

Our so-called leaders not only preach war, but they also seek to divide our nation by turning brother against brother until our civilization exists no more.

Classic Example About Division

The Democrats have exploited every distinction to separate and divide us while they’re currently seeking 5 years imprisonment for those who only entered the capitol and took selfies.

All of this to paint their opposition with hatred.

And to further advance their division agenda, the Boyz try to paint all white people as racists by emphasizing labels like African American, Native American, or Mexican American.

How about just plain old Americans?

But that wouldn’t stoke enough hatred, would it?

As a result, the very cornerstone of civilization of bringing people together – because it is mutually beneficial to all – has been broken.


Consequently, we must now plan for what comes after this house-cleaning that’s taking place right under our collective noses.


Ironically (or NOT) creepy academics – such as Klaus Schwab – have always presented the greatest threat to societies.

Schwab and his cronies at the World Economic Forum seek to turn our corporations into fascist limbs of the state.

And it’s all in the name of ‘Wokeness’ while suppressing human rights.

Ironically (or NOT) even Putin said that ‘Wokeness’ is what destroyed Russia.




And ironically (or NOT) many Wokesters will hate me for referencing Putin about his stance on ‘Wokeness.’


See my point?

In the meantime, the division that’s taking place has set in motion dramatic changes in cultural shifts around the globe.

But on the brighter side, this will present opportunities of a lifetime for those with ears to hear.

Learn more about those opportunities (HERE).

And share this with a friend…especially if they’re NOT WOKE.

They’ll thank YOU later.

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