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Will WW3 Start Because Hillary Lost?

Are you paying attention to the recent (ongoing) insanity coming out of Washington?

I hate getting on a political high horse here but, “C’MON, MAN!”

These irresponsible sanctions that our Senate is imposing against Russia go beyond just being dangerous. They threaten to shift the balance of power in the world.

And our stupid Congress critters are determined to push us over the cliff.

Somehow, they still believe that Russia interfered with our election, and are using that as an excuse to put the pedal to the metal against Putin.

Mind you, there has been NO PROOF of these allegations. NONE, NADA, ZIPPO!

Imposing these sanctions against Russia has horrible implications. (1) It forces them to align themselves closer to China AND North Korea (2) It also increases the market’s volatility.

Think about that combination.

China and Russia combined and working together is staggering. And yet our irresponsible, so-called, leaders in DC don’t see the obvious here?

How dumb can you get and still breathe?

Granted, there will be some major market shifts because of this insanity. And there will be great opportunities for investing. However, there will be many land-mines to blow you up along the way.

Are you prepared for what can happen?

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