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Will Trump Use ObaMAGAte to Restore America?


For the last 3+ years President Trump has been under attack from the Democrats (and some Republicans) unlike any other president in history.

Ironically (or NOT) everything they’ve thrown at him – from Stormy Daniels to impeachment – has failed miserably.

Rightfully so.

What’s truly pathetic is to wonder how different things would be today if, instead of constant attacks, the opposition would’ve actually co-operated with Trump.

Instead, these cretins have successfully destroyed the global economy in their attempt to establish a New World Order.

The question remains; How Will Trump Counter This Devastation and Mass Hysteria?

Cue up ObaMAGAte.

We now know for a fact that during the last days of the Obama administration there was an all-out effort to dismantle and destroy Trump’s presidency…even before he was inaugurated.

When the dust settles ObaMAGAte will make Nixon’s Watergate look like child’s play.

If you haven’t noticed, even the phrase ObaMAGAte has Trump’s signature all over it.

Rightfully so.

The timing of this is critical and necessary to turn the tide on the destruction of our economy.


The boyz behind the biggest hoax in history – aka The Kung-Flu Virus – are tightly linked with the so-called “Most Transparent Administration in History.”

So, the key to get the economy on track again is by discrediting those who have used this Kung-Flu virus – comparing it to the Black Death – to create their New World Order (NWO).

Ironically (or NOT) the NWO revolves around their failed efforts of forcing their Climate Change agenda down our throats.

As we’ve said many times in the past Everything is Connected…Everything.

Unfortunately, most of the sheeple are clueless when it comes to Connecting the Dots.

Don’t be a sheeple.  Learn how to Connect the Dots:


And pay attention to ObaMAGAte…it’s gaining traction.

Be sure to read our May edition of “…In Plain English” where we show you how the tide is turning against the NWO cretins and how to position yourself to profit from it.



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