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Will the Trail of Death from 2008 Continue?


After the meltdown in 2008 there wasn’t – and still hasn’t been – one single bankster brought up on charges of wrongdoing.

This is despite the fact that since then, the major banks have paid government fines in excess of $391 BILLION to cover their criminal acts.  (And you wonder why we say that Wall Street and Washington have been in bed together for over 100 years?)

The “Big Boyz” continue to pay their fees – kinda like a license fee to stay out of jail – while the consumer gets none of the government extortion money.

However, after 2008 we saw a series of mysterious banksters deaths – mostly mid and some upper level management types – that raised lots of suspicion but never any convictions.

Many of the unfortunate deaths were bizarre.  And they had consistent excuses such as:  the poor 36-year-old executive was “very distraught and depressed” after losing billions of investors’ money.

A lot of them jumped off high rise buildings while others chose to shoot themselves and their spouse and families because they were soooo depressed.

My favorite story was about the one banker who committed suicide by shooting himself with a nail-gun EIGHT TIMES.

Picture that:  A depressed bankster puts a nail gun up to his chest…POW! “OW, Ow, OWWW, that really hurts.” He then moves the gun to his head…POW!  “OOWWWW, that really hurts.”  After six more shots to other body parts he successfully killed himself.

Supposedly that story was true…at least that what the presstitutes wanted you to think.

More than likely it was a message to any other banker who might of thought about telling the truth squealing how the big boyz nearly destroyed the global economy back then.

The mysterious trail of death among mid-level banksters over the 2008 meltdown was a minimum of 38 men and women.

So, here we are, 12 years later and the financial system – which was NEVER fixed – is leveraged 10 times greater than it was back then.

Combine this with all the madness in the world today and it makes you wonder what’s in store for the markets before the November election.

As things get dicey will we see another mysterious trail of death among banksters?

We don’t know.  But we’ll show you what to expect and how to profit AND thrive in Turbulent Times in our “…In Plain English” newsletter.





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