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Will the CIA Soon Be Out of Business?

Afghanistan has cost Americans billions since George “Dubya” Bush decided we needed to send our military there to protect the poppy fields that produce most of the opium in the world.

(Actually, it was Cheney and Rumsfeld who made it all happen allowing the MIC and Big Pharma to stuff their coffers for the last 17+ years…but that’s another story for another time).

The real tragedy is not in the loss of billions shelled out to an alleged “war on terrorism.”


The epidemic of addiction to opioids in America today is the root of the problem.

And that’s where the money is.

We’ve preached for years that the best way to understand why governments (and major corporations) do what they do is to Follow the Money.

This begs the question of why is there such controversy over Trump wanting us to pull out of Afghanistan?

Let’s do the math.

Not only would it save us billions every year, drug dealers are realizing that we no longer need as much opium from Afghanistan to keep Americans hooked.

Alchemists in the Big Pharma industry know that synthetic fentanyl is cheaper and far more addictive than the products produced from poppy plants.

So, since we don’t need the quantity of drugs supplied from Afghanistan, does that mean that the CIA will be out of business soon?


The CIA/Deep State won’t disappear. 

They’ll simply morph into another form acting as agents to keep America safe from the boogeyman.

They know that “keeping the public scared and in a constant state of agitation” gives them power.

They also know that the financial markets (major banks of the world) are dependent on the drug trade for profitability.

Read about it in our January newsletter (HERE).

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