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Will Safe-Havens Escape the Coming Crisis?

If you find yourself criticizing how bad things are in America, try looking around the world.

Asia is a basket-case worrying that China will intervene with Hong Kong.

Protestors in Hong Kong seem unaffected by China’s thinly veiled threats of sending in troops.

Meanwhile, footage is surfacing on the Chinese internet showing columns of armored vehicles heading south and converging on the city of Shenzhen.

These videos suggest that the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force, a heavily armed paramilitary unit, is gathering on the Hong Kong border.

If China sends troops into Hong Kong, this will likely set off a crisis in confidence in Asia.

When that happens, all bets are off.

It will cause a decline in the yuan and possibly a break in the Hong Kong peg.

Translation:  Currencies run amuck and everyone heads for the exits.

Meanwhile, the European Union (EU) seems hell bent on destroying their economy by crying how the British are being unreasonable with PM Boris Johnson’s no-flex Brexit deal coming in late October.

The truth is more than 50% of trade for Britain lies outside of the EU.  (Read “How Boris Johnson single-handedly takes down Europe” …HERE).

Ironically (of NOT) this is the kind of stuff that makes the US the safe-haven of the world.

However, the problem with the current chaos is how it could push the dollar to record highs by creating a panic.

This, in turn, may force the world to renegotiate how the world monetary system will survive.

Translation:  Panic cycles will accelerate in the markets.

Remember: 99% of investors will get the next big move in the market wrong.

Don’t be one of them.

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