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Will Maduro Get the Gaddafi Treatment?

In case you forgot, a certain Secretary of State (during the Obama administration) famously cackled “We came, we saw, he died….hahahahahahah!” (referring to Gaddafi).

In October 2011, Muamar Gaddafi suffered a brutal murder and it wasn’t because he was a dictator.


Gaddafi wanted to empower Africa.  He had a plan to introduce the ‘Gold Dinar’ as backing for African currencies, so they could become free from the dollar-dominated western monetary system.

At the time, Libya’s gold reserves were estimated at close to 150 tons, and about the same amount of silver. The estimated value at that time was $7 billion.

As of this date, it is nowhere to be found.

Take a guess as to who may have stolen this enormous treasure from the people of Libya.  

However, from the US and NATO’s perspective, the real problem was Gaddafi also wanted to detach his oil sales from the dollar.

Saddam Hussein had the same idea.  

He was killed for it and his gold was stolen as well.

Cue up Venezuela’s dictator President Nicolas Maduro and “Follow the Money.”

Recently, and for the second time, the Bank of England has refused to give Venezuela’s gold back to them.  (It’s already been stolen).

Chavez had it re-patriated from the US to England and soon after died from a mysterious cancer thrusting Maduro into power).

And who do you think has the largest proven oil reserves in the world?  (not Saudi Arabia)

Are you Connecting the Dots here?

Venezuela is in chaos. 

China and Russia have sided with Maduro.  And the US is hell- bent on increasing sanctions against them.

What’s wrong with this picture?

If Maduro doesn’t end up like Gaddafi, it’s because the Russians and Chinese already have a claim on Venezuela’s oil.

Not surprisingly, the talking heads on TV keep saying that oil prices will stay down.

We disagree.

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